Days until the Festival
Days until the Festival

Dearest Friends,

We are excited to officially invite you to our Flenno- Wedding-Festival from the 24.6.-27.6.2022 at the Sculpturepark Katzow.

We imagine a rave with DJs, lighting, good entertainment, food, drinks and and so on -basically a real micro music festival!

And therefore we need your help.

We don’t want any wedding gifts but our plan is to collect some money so we can provide you the best possible experience and make some unforgettable memories together during these days.

That’s why we created this website, so we can give you more details about the location, the planning and the estimated costs so you also have an idea what to expect.

The Sculpturepark Katzow is located close to the Baltic sea between Greifswald and Wolgast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

There you can find on 20ha land multiple partly interactive sculptures from almost 100 artists from 23 countries.

Additionally there is a big farm house with a party room, a big sleeping hall (perfect for rolling out you sleeping mat and sleeping bag), a well equipped kitchen, 4 guest rooms with en suite bahrooms that we are planning to rent out to provide you with sleeping possibilities that match your needs.

The area in front of the farm house is ideal for an outdoor dancefloor and the rest of the park offers multiple spots to put up your tent or camp with your car/camper.

You will also find a chill cube with panoramic views of the landscape and many other cute spots to discover.

We personally test-raved this location and are 100% certain that it’s the perfect location for our wedding festival.

It’s also good to know that the owners of the farmhouse understand the nature of our event and we got their green light for a big rave there.

Please be mindful at the area, the owners, the art, the environment when there.


Train from Berlin: RE 3 in direction Stralsund -> change in Züssow to the regional train RB23 to Hohendorf.

From Hohendorf it’s still around 4km to our location. Easy to do via bike.

But we will also try to provide a shuttle service from the station to the sculpture park.

And ideally we can also create some shared rides for people who are planning to come by car. (More about that idea later at Network)

Friday: Arrival for helpers and early birds. Last preparations for the festival

Saturday morning/noon: Arrival of the guests

Saturday afternoon: our big homo normative wedding ceremony

Saturday early evening: Dinner together (BBQ etc.)

Saturday evening: DJ’s start playing

Sunday evening: DJ’s stop playing

Monday: Clean up and Departure

Line Up: wannadosomething?, MichaVonOben, Pink Noise, Zola Disco, Yung Coco DJ Team, Levi Oi, Nikola, DJ Whity, Bebi Crisco (changes possible)

We have plenty of creative, amazingly talented friends and you can be sure that we will get in touch with some of you to ask if you are interested in contributing to the festival by being part of the program with your talents or playIng some music.

In case we slept on your talent (from shuffledance workshop to shroom-yoga or whatever you feel to contribute) please don’t hesitate to contact Gesine and share your ideas with her.

Obviously it’s all voluntarily and we are also more than happy if you only contribute with amazing moves and outfits to our wedding extravaganza.

Dresscode: Dress to impress- Outshine the bride

Our dear friend Gesine offered to be our wedding planner. She will be in charge of the organization, that things go smoothly during the weekend and therfore carries a big part of the responsibilities.

We believe she will need one month that is only dedicated to that plus some more single work days beforehand.

That’s why we would like to pay her a month-worth salary.

Location: 6000 Euro

We estimate around 200 guests. They charge us only for Saturday and Sunday.

Garbage is our responsibility and there are garbage bags for a small fee that we can then bring to the appropriate place.

Lights and Soundtechnic: 4000 Euro

Florians dear brother Stefan is a stage and lightdesigner.

He will provide us for a cheap price with technical equipment that he will rent in Amsterdam and then deliver to the location.

Furthermore he will build and install all of the necessary things.

In his first rough calculation he expects a sum of 4000 Euros for that.

Food: 2000 Euro

„All chew, no one eats“

We plan on saturday one big meal with a BBQ and a simple buffet of salads etc.

Also on sunday we are planning to provide some snacks and breakfast for hungry ravers. We are currently planning around 10 Euro per person which sums up to 2000 Euros.

It is a festival though so you are also more than welcome to bring your own can of Ravioli, granola bars and bananas and store them in your tent or in the fridges of the kitchen.

You can use the kitchen any time to heat up or prepare your meals there.

Drinks: 4000 Euro

The more money we collect, the more we can treat you „open bar style“.

Our original plan is is to provide you with lots of beer and bubbles, as well as water and maybe some softdrinks.

Therefore we calculate for now 4000 euros (20 Euro per person)

Any other liquers would propably drain our budget too much at this point but we encourage you to bring any other drinks you need for your festival experience.

Reimbursements/other costs

DJs Tickets to get to the Location

Cleaning help/Dixie Toilet Rent

Decoration/bean bags/ lighting strings

Unforeseen things


In total we will expect to spend around 20000 Euros.

We expect around 200 guests.

Of course we also have some capital ourselves that we are planning to spend on this wedding.

But the more money we collect with your help, the better the experience of the Flenno- Wedding- Festival will be.

Potentially we could be able to provide more drinks and maybe even a shuttle bus from Berlin to the location. Or….or…or….

That’s why we would be super grateful if you support us with a donation to the linked PayPal of Enno instead of gifts then all we really want is to enjoy this weekend with you guys to the fullest. All incoming payments will only be spent on the wedding!

By the way this option also works for non PayPal users. If you have any trouble with Paypal or prefer another way of sending money do not hesitate to contact us.


We expect guests from all over the world who possibly don’t have their own tents and would need a ride or even a place to sleep before the festival.

That’s why we are going to create a facebook group that will help us to connect you and contact you about any news.

We would love our international guests to join there and maybe some local friends who want to support incoming guests. Thank you!